I’m Here!

Its been a minute since I signed up for WordPress to do a blog on my journey of all things craft beer but, I’ve made it back.

I work a full time job as a Veterans Legal Advocate, I am a United States Air Force Veteran, I am a Black Lesbian,  I am a Foodie, I am many more things and now I am a craft beer enthusiast. apartment brewer, and future entrepreneur.

My craft beer journey really started the summer of 2018 when I decided to try an IPA.  Prior to last summer, I thought I would NEVER drink an IPA because 1) too many White guys drank them, 2) I figured they were too damn hoppy, and 3) I felt like they were overrated.  The three reasons are still valid but, I now enjoy IPA’s but, I am very selective about them.  I like moderate hop with big and distinctive flavors.  Right now, my favorites are Masthead’s Jalapeño IPA, Rogue’s “Straight Outta Newport” IPA, and Ommegang’s Brut IPA.  My favorite styles of beer are Sours and Kolsch.  That’s an interesting combination because one style is one of experimentation and wildness and the other is pure and somewhat unassuming…but that’s the Yin and Yang of my love of craft beer.  Personally, I am hoping to go on the wild and interesting side of brewing Kolsch style beers because I know they will be cool.

Then, I bought myself a Mr Beer Homebrewing Kit for Christmas and come February…an Apartment Brewer and my thinking about wanting to open a nanobrewery/taproom was born.  The first beer I brewer was called “Long Play IPA”.  Not exceptional but not bad either. Next, I discovered Brewer’s best 1 gallon kits and brewed their Pineapple Honey Wheat Beer and it was a better experience and offered more variety with homebrewing.  All of these beers are categorized as extract brewed beers and work well with the limited space I have in my apartment.

So, I could tell you more but if I do, I won’t have much to share with you later. Hope you enjoyed this intro into my craft beer journey and I’ll be back sooner than later!


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